Working a 9-5 is boring and many hours of labor while still struggling to pay bills is not living the life I imagined. Hi my name is Geary Jones an Independent Home-Based Business Adviser and Trainer who helps the right motivated individual to achieve success with my premier home based business model. Before starting a Home-Based Business, I spent several years as a Truck Driver for other transportation companies before starting my own transportation company. After years of frustration with my trucking business, I made it my goal in life to help others to stop looking for a job and instead look for more of an opportunity that will create an ongoing source of income that pay you whether you work or not. I am now with a company and marketing system that's designed to help the "little guy" actually make money without a 9 to 5. As an Independent Business Owner you can generate a residual income, with very few active people and I can help. This is what I enjoy and doing so helps me to live life on my own terms knowing the bills are paid and I'm stress free. I'm very happy to manage a lifestyle business that let me pay my residual bills. I'm available to help anyone and everyone who is looking for a better way to overcome their financial problems or who just want to live the life they imagine. If you want to be part of the few that are creating an ongoing reliable monthly income and who's successfully unemployed. You can reach me by leaving your contact information below. I will respond promptly. I am here to answer questions and help you get started. Would you like to generate a honest monthly income for life? Request information below or click on LEARN MORE above...

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